Dear Church family,

    Thank you for your prayers for one another and your faithfulness during this time of isolation.  We are beginning to see a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel, and our nation’s governors need our prayers as they will have tough decisions to make as well in weighing all facets of public health concerns.  I want to remind you that with this difficult season also come unique opportunities to be the church in our own neighborhoods.   I would love to hear how the spirit is at work in each of your lives as He moves you with compassion for your neighbors.   Some folks have sewn cotton masks and donated them to a nursing home.  Others have ordered a pizza to be delivered to an isolated senior, or picked up a slice of a neighbor’s favorite cake while doing their own grocery shopping and then leaving it at the door. Practicing social isolation does not mean we have to live disconnected lives.  And of course the simple act of a phone call, email, or card can really lift a body’s spirits!   Below is a written sermon for this weekend entitled, “What’s Your Name?” taken from Luke’s gospel chapter 8.  I look forward to gathering for worship again as soon as possible!