January 5, 2020

Keeping Christmas Alive

Passage: Luke 2:15-20
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Bible Text: Luke 2:15-20 | Preacher: Steve Schantz | Series: Christmas |

Dear Church family,
The church calendar gives us a bit of liturgical breathing room from December 25th through January 6th each year called the 12 days of Christmas. And so we take the opportunity to bask in the light of the Christ child come to be among us. To linger a little longer in hope through the one who keeps his promises. What does it mean for you to remember again and again that Jesus has come to be with us and among us? What does it mean to do Christmas well all year long? Mary, the mother of Jesus, carried very distinct memories of her son’s birth with her in ways that changed her life. As we face the New Year ahead of us in 2020, the impact that Jesus made on Mary’s life can help us make decisions with our own. Worship will conclude with an invitation to the Lord’s table.

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