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The focus of this ministry is to glorify our God through using His gifts by creating fine art and building lasting relationships with our neighbors

Art classes are offered throughout Brevard County in various locations; churches, assisted living facilities, club houses and in private homes.  The artists’ primary purpose of the Art Ministry is to:

• Point the artist to a loving God that creates variety, color, and beauty into His creation,
• Build lasting relationships,
• Tear down fables that seniors, children, and those with physical / psychological limitations are unable to create beautiful art.
• Grow their knowledge base in various painting techniques,
• Encouraging fun while learning,
• And lastly, all will know a percentage of the revenue is going to be contributed to two local charities in need.


We worship a triune God who loves to bring new things into being and who also loves to share the beauty of the created realm with highly ordered sentient clay models. (You and I.)

The degree of our highly ordered state is debatable on some days, but our capacity to create music, write a love poem, or calculate the retrograde motion of a planet’s orbit is part of God’s gift to mankind. In creating mankind Imago Dei, in the image of God, he endowed us with creative desires and capacities which reflect His own creative nature.
We too are born with an innate desire to understand and imitate the form and function, light and beauty, size and shape, color and hue observed in the world around us. We are inspired to work with it, arrange it, to create pleasing replicas and imaginative representations of what we visually take notice of while here together in time and space.
We call people who do this with a certain level of skill artists. Those gifted with the desire and ability to help others bring their own creative urges to fruition through paint on a canvas or other mediums we call art teachers.

You may not remember every one of your teacher’s names from primary school, but it is the rare student who doesn’t remember the name of their first art teacher. Like music is to the ear, art touches us beyond just visual recognition. We are God’s work of art, and like our creator, we too enjoy putting our hand to creative works that are intended to bring Him glory as we enjoy His presence.

Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (NIV)

One of our church members here at Grace Communion Melbourne is a gifted art teacher who has chosen to use his skills to serve others through a local art ministry. Let me introduce you to Fred Legg. Below is his story and a personal invitation…

Steve Schantz, Pastor
Grace Communion Melbourne



Fred and Marianne Legg


I am a professional artist who specializes in impressionistic ocean life, landscapes, still life and murals using acrylics and water-based oils. I have been painting for over 40 years and love to encourage others that they can create beautiful art. I teach at various locations: S.A.I.L. (Senior’s Adventure in Learning), Zon Luxury Assisted Living Facility, Sun Tree Country Club, and a private home.  As a retired therapist, I’m able to use my rehabilitation background to help those with, mental and physical disabilities by adapting their environment and ensuring proper ergonomics.  I continue to learn new techniques and share them with those that have a passion for the arts.

For those that want to look at my paintings, go to the following websites:



Grace Communion Melbourne Art Ministry


The focus of the art ministry is to glorify God by using His gifts through creating fine art, building lasting relationships, growing the artist’s knowledge base in various painting techniques, encouraging fun while learning, and lastly, all participants will know a percentage of the revenue is going to be contributed to two local charities in need.

The Children’s Hunger Project, Inc. exists to help elementary schools provide food for the weekend to as many kids as possible every week.

Ending Family Homelessness in Brevard and create a path towards stable, long term housing and provide peace and security along the journey.

Cost of a class: $35.00 Per Person per session or
$125.00 Per Person for 4 Sessions
All painting supplies are provided


Fred Legg, Artist

227 Timpoochee Drive, Indian Harbour Beach, Florida 32937

321-544-9658 or