Meet the Artist:  Fred Legg and his wife Marianne

Professional  Acrylic Artist for  Over 40 years.   There are 3 people that I give credit to for helping me along on my journey with the arts.  1. God almighty – He has given me the gift of art and I am so appreciative.  2. Jerry Yarnell – artist and teacher and 3. My grandfather Brown.  When he died he willed me his art supplies.  I feel his spirit is with me throughout this creative journey – I am so thankful for this gift. 

Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant (COTA)

Member of the Grace Communion Melbourne, Florida

Lessons completed by students of the Art Workshops

Art Ministry at Grace Communion of Melbourne

The local church is a place that experiences beauty, imagination, and using Gods’ gifts to help others to create.   God values the creators of the canvases, He is The Master artist of all that is good (look at a sunset, a mother with her baby, the many landscapes..).  His beauty and creativity are expressed in nature and throughout the universe.

Understanding this, helps us to appreciate and understand His personality as He shares with us His presence more and more.  The “Art Ministry” is about looking at Gods’ creation, its colors and designs, variety of subjects.  Knowing that you have been given a gift to create something from nothing  and that it brings so much joy (watching the developing skills of the artists and your gift grow).

As a Professional Artist and Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant, I am able to adapt their environment, making sure the students are using the correct equipment, using proper movements of the brushes, and supporting them throughout the painting process.

We encourage free self-expression through impressionistic painting, learning a new skill, (hobby), and making new friends.  It allows us to explore and share our God given gifts and talents.  Many who attend these classes are also dealing with various physical and social issues, (i.e., Alzheimer’s, dementia, physical limitations, isolation/loneliness, family illness, and the recent death of a family member).  Supplies will be discussed when there is an interest to join an existing group or your own art group.