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Dear Church family,
God helps those who help themselves – the flawed piece of advice found in various forms (including the Muslim Koran) and in proverbial wisdom is undone in the first four beatitudes. While Jesus is clear about his followers not being lazy, (as taught through the parable of the talents in Matt 25:14-30), the main lesson from the first four beatitudes is that God helps those who need help, not because they meet spiritual conditions. The sermon on the Mount begins with divine mercy. The first three Beatitudes do not so much summon our strength as they aid our weakness. They preach gospel before they preach law. But to hunger and thirst for righteousness in this gospel is to clearly hunger and thirst to be a doer of the will of God as taught especially in Jesus’s commands. Yet those now hungry-for-righteousness are blessed not for their possession of it, but because they long for it and recognize their need. Please join us this Saturday for our month pot luck at 1:30, followed by Bible study.


Your Pastor and brother,

Steve Schantz



Grace Communion Melbourne
Saturdays at 1:30 pm for Pot Luck Meal and 2:30 pm for Bible Study
Meeting @ Pineda Presbyterian Church 4650 N. Wickham Rd




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