The Parables of Jesus – 10 Sleepy Bridesmaids – Response & Responsibility

                                                       The Parables of Jesus

10 Sleepy Bridesmaids – Response & Responsibility Matt 25:1-13

January 28th, 2018   Steve Schantz  


I’ve really been enjoying our current series on the Parables of Jesus. It awakens me personally to the reality of the Kingdom in the simple and obvious as well as the deep and wonderful in each of these parables.  An element of the Kingdom parables which gives us pause is the way they simultaneously point to the present as well as the future.   Last week we heard Jesus say to his disciples, “Blessed are your ears because they hear, and your eyes because they see.”   (Matt 13) Pastor Charles pointed out how the parables give us “sight-lines” into the nature of God’s Kingdom and our intended response.  Kingdom life involves the ability to see the present and the future mingled together and to be reminded that our future is being rendered by what we participate in today. “That Jesus came announcing a partly present, partly future kingdom as the centerpiece of his message is widely acknowledged to be at the heart of what we can know about the historical Jesus.  The “Kingdom of God” is not an expression found in the Old Testament, but the concept of God as King is pervasive.  After the gospels, Christian writers preferred other expressions such as “eternal life” or “salvation” for their summaries of Jesus’ proclamation.”  (Jesus and the Gospels, Craig Blomberg, 1997, p. 242)   Let’s go to our Kingdom parable text for today:

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