Should Christians Participate in Christmas / Easter?

Should A Christian Participate in Christmas / Easter?


Many have questioned what relationship ancient and present ways of worship engaged in by pagans have to do with Christian practice and liturgy today. For a long time in my life I believed (and taught as a Church Pastor) that any celebration of these two events must come from pagan origin since some of the accoutrements predate Christianity.  My parents celebrated Christmas in traditional ways until I was twelve years old, but when they became members of what was then called the Worldwide Church of God, we stopped – cold turkey!   The teachings of the WCG during those early years (1966 for our family) labeled both Christmas and Easter as pagan celebrations and therefore displeasing to God.  We judged others who celebrated these days as misinformed at best, and ‘Christians so-called’ or ‘deceived by Satan’ at worst. Continue reading “Should Christians Participate in Christmas / Easter?”