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Hello my friends,

       What a special time of fellowship we enjoyed together last Saturday at Perkins restaurant.  I pray that each of you experiences the joy of gratitude as we head into both Thanksgiving and Advent this season.   Christ the King Sunday is the last weekend of the liturgical Christian calendar before Advent.  This week’s theme from John’s gospel account focuses our attention on the kingly reign of Christ. You may have seen that bumper sticker around which reads, “God is My Co-Pilot”.   The sermon title this week employs a slight play on words capturing some of the tension between the Roman Governor Pilate and Jesus from our text.


Please continue to lift up in prayer Eric and Dani Aponte in the loss of their daughter Emily. Invitation below to their fundraiser:
Link to donate: Emily Aponte Fundraiser



Also, if you haven’t yet, please check out the YouTube Channel for: Revolution Cry Music or in Facebook!   One of their latest and greatest songs is Covers It All with Alex and Marissa ft. Jon Gant! It is a beautiful worship song praising Jesus’ love!

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